WalkingPad X21 vs. WalkingPad X23 - Wat is de beste keuze voor jou?

WalkingPad X21 vs. WalkingPad X23 - What is the best choice for you?

May 22, 2024
In this blog, we will compare the WalkingPad X21 and the WalkingPad X23, two fully foldable treadmills that are perfect for home use. If you're looking for a way to stay active without taking up much space at home, these compact and foldable treadmills might be exactly what you need. We will discuss the differences between the X21 and the X23 in terms of motor power, speed, storage convenience, operation, and workout information, so you can make an informed decision when choosing the right treadmill for your needs. Let's start exploring what each of these treadmills has to offer!

Powerful motor and sound damping
Both the WalkingPad X21 and the WalkingPad X23 are equipped with a powerful brushless motor that ensures smooth and quiet operation. The X21 uses a 1.25HP motor, while the X23 has a built-in 2HP motor. At the highest speed, both treadmills produce only 75 decibels of noise, so your household members are hardly disturbed during your workout. Additionally, both models feature sound damping thanks to a 4-layer belt that provides good shock and vibration absorption.

Speed and training options
One of the main differences between the X21 and the X23 is the maximum speed. The X21 has a top speed of 12 kilometers per hour, while the X23 offers speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour. This makes the X23 more suitable for more intensive workouts and running at higher speeds. However, both treadmills offer the possibility of leisurely walks and more intense training sessions, making them suitable for various training needs. Adjusting the speed can be done easily via the dial on the handlebar for both models.

Storage convenience
Both treadmills are designed with ease of use and space-saving in mind. They can both be easily stored by folding them in half and placing them under a bed or in a closet, or leaning them against the wall. The ingenious and patented two-hinge system allows for folding within one minute, making it quick and easy to free up space after your workout. Then, you can easily store the treadmill flat under, for example, a bed, sofa, closet, or desk. It is also possible to place the belt upright against the wall.

Operation and workout information
Both the WalkingPad X21 and the WalkingPad X23 feature a built-in screen in the handlebar that displays real-time workout information, such as distance, speed, duration of the workout, and calories burned. Both models can be operated via a dial in the middle of the handlebar and can be paired with the KS Fit App for additional functionality. This allows you to adjust the speed with the app as well. Additionally, you can pair your phone with the treadmill via NFC to view all workout data directly.

In conclusion, both the WalkingPad X21 and the WalkingPad X23 offer excellent training options, ease of use, and save a lot of space. The main difference lies in the maximum speed, with the X23 being more suitable for more intensive workouts and running at higher speeds. Additionally, the design is slightly different. The X21 has a design with rounder shapes, while the X23 has a more robust angular appearance. This is a matter of personal taste. Whichever model you choose, both treadmills are an ideal choice for home use and help you stay fit without taking up much space.